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Custom SECOR Program

SE-COR Health & Safety programs our most popular product and is common for small businesses to get. I should mention right off the top that SE-COR Health & Safety programs are not always accepted by larger companies you might like to work with. It is up to you to contact the contracting organization and make sure they accept the SE-COR safety program.

If you are looking for a SE-COR program or advice on starting a program, you have come to the right place. We have been building safety programs for 15 years and have vast experience and understanding in all aspects of the process. We often save clients’ money by giving them advice based on their needs. Some people will give poor advice based on what they want, just to make a sale. At CORtek Safety, we pride ourselves on giving advice that is true, accurate and most importantly, based on your needs.

SECOR safety for construction

Important Facts about SECOR

Some municipalities do accept Se-cor while others don’t accept it. For the most part, it is recognized and accepted in most industries across Canada. Some examples of companies that won’t accept SE-COR Health & Safety Programs are the City of Edmonton in some circumstances. The city of Calgary has accepted them at times and refused them at times.


For the Owner/Operator
  • Designed for small businesses working on a budget. For example an owner Operator Truck Driver who needs a SE-COR to Haul for a specific Company.
  • Recommend for companies that focus on one specific task like Trucking.
  • Meet the SE-COR Standards
  • Download and print your manual.
  • Comes with your logo on all the paperwork and a fully functional manual.
  • audit not included
  • updates not included


  • This is totally customizable specifically for your company.
  • We train one of your staff to take care of the safety program once we are done building it. When we are done you are totally self-sufficient and don’t have to pay subcontractors to manage your program for you.
  • This package is custom since the location of the training and sites to be inspected will be traveled to by our staff.
  • Three complete audits
  • Three years of free updates
  • Bonus: Free, one year of maintaining ISN or Comply Works

We will get your SE-COR – GUARANTEED! We even do your first audit for you, so success is as easy as a call away. It does not matter what industry you are in, we can build a manual for you. We will cut through all the technical terms and red tape and show you what you need to do to maintain your safety program. Over 80% or our customers manage all aspects of the program moving forward, and you can do it too.


SE-COR is accepted widely in most industries but it is not accepted everywhere. Check with the company you intend to do work for and make sure a Se-cor Safety program is write for you before you buy one. SE-COR has different standards in each of the provinces. Here is what they are:

  • British Columbia will allow up to 19 workers before an employer must switch to a COR or large employer safety program.
  • Alberta will only allow up to 10 people in a SE-COR program before you must switch to large employer safety program
  • Saskatchewan will only allow 10 people in a SE-COR Safety program before you must switch to COR or large employer safety program.
  • Manitoba will allow 19 people in a SE-COR program before you need to switch to large employer cor.
  • Ontario does not offer the SE-COR program so all employers must get a cor program. Please go to COR Program page to check out what you will need.

Over 66% or our clients are repeat customers

Give us a call and see why. Let us show you why to give our program designers a call; you will be glad you did. Let us do the set up while you concentrate on what you do best, managing your business!

Use our easy sign-up page on the website and we will register you with a certifying partner and submit the program to get you a temporary letter of certification. We can even make separate books for trucks, shops, and temp work sites.

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