ISNetworld and Complyworks

CORtek Safety and their team of advisors will make short work of even the largest task when it comes to getting ISN set up and running for your company. Whatever Ravs you need for ISNetworld, we can do them and submit them to ISN on your behalf. We usually submit within 24 to 48 hours after we are contracted to do the work.

managing and updating ISN RAVsWe answer all the questionnaires for you, as well as upload all of the required documents needed to make you compliant. If you would like, we will contact the insurance company directly and have them send us the certificates directly. This way you can get back to running your business and taking care of your clients.

ISN Maintenance

Once you are signed up, you will never have to pay for updating Ravs or anything like that again. It is all included in the maintenance. We will automatically update insurance and keep you compliant at all times. You can sign up for our plan and have the money taken directly off of your credit card if you would like. There isn’t any minimums when you sign up but the ISN account must be completely up to date before the monthly plan will begin.


Individual RAVs – Custom Consulting

If you don’t have very much to do on your ISN, don’t worry we do individual Ravs now. They are $75.00 per Rav, up to 3 Ravs. After 3 Ravs you would pay $65.00 per Rav, up till 7 Ravs. After 7 and under 10 you would pay $55.00 per Rav. Of course, over 10 Ravs and we would go to one of our packages.

Just like the packages, these Ravs would be uploaded within 48 hours and any problems with them would be corrected for free. After all, you are paying for the right answers, not just answers. Just download the questions from ISN and email them to us and we will take care of the rest.


Over 66% or our clients are repeat customers

If you are not sure what package you need, simply phone us for a free quote and our helpful staff will assist you. The Phone Number is 780-832-5158

Use our easy sign-up page on the website and we will register you with a certifying partner.

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