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Most people know we build COR and SE-COR Health & Safety programs, but we do so much more than that. We offer Health & Safety Program Consulting to companies and help them develop processes for their safety programs. We also help companies achieve their ISO certification.

In this case, we sync their safety program with the requirements of the ISO requirements to illuminate duplication of services. For example, in ISO you have job descriptions and duties for each position. You have the same thing in a normal safety program.

We also do incident investigations, site specific orientations and individual job hazard analysis on an individual basis. In other words, if you have added new equipment and do a new service in your business, it needs to be reflected in your job inventory and it should have its procedure and risk assessment.

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Cortek has always done excellent work for my company. Blake is very knowledgeable in a variety of industries when it comes to heath and safety and has always been able to keep me compliant even on short notice when something unexpected pops up.

Dave Dillman

CEO, Questar Geomatics

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New Electronic Safety Program

The electronic safety programs are getting better and better as the people who build them understand the requirements better. The first electronic program did not even have an actual app for iPhone or smart phones you had to login the old-fashioned way. This left a lot of people frustrated and confused about how to use it. Yes, the new ones will allow you to enter information even if you have no cell service in the area you’re working in. You input your information and carry out your duties and when you leave the site and finally hit cell service it will upload it to the system and automatically check to make sure no duplicates are created.

                You upload the common forms that you will be using in your safety program directly onto your smart phone, so you have access to them when you don’t have Internet. You fill out the form like nothing is wrong and press save, and you are good to go. They have really good form builders within the system so that you can build easy to use forms that will capture the information needed from your safety program.

                It is estimated that you will save up to 20% of time between all your workforce having to fill out paper and submit it into the main office for filing. Before if a project was ongoing the paperwork would not start coming in until 30 or 40 days after the project started. This does not allow for someone to make adjustments and correct deficiencies in a timely manner. Quite often the project was completed before anybody knew there was any issues at all.

                With today’s electronic programs they are up to date all the time. I could login right now and see how many people filled out hazard IDs today and more importantly how many people did not. I can have a phone call with the violators on the way home from a job and tomorrow they will likely start doing their paperwork.

                It is actually so exciting to be able to look at all the stats across a company even in the far remote locations and see what’s going on safety wise and not wandering in the back of my mind whether those guys are going to screw up again this week or whatever people think. These programs are great for companies with multi-branches as the main safety coordinator can actually see on a day-to-day basis what is going on in safety.

                Although my role is strictly safety these programs can be adapted and used for so much more. You can track workers hours on these programs through their cell phones. It stands to reason if they left the job site at 3 o’clock that they are still working at 630. You can use it for example when completing a remote pipeline, you can see how many workers were on site if there is a major emergency such as forest fire or a serious incident. You can send a message or an alert out on these and everybody in that area will get the alert and be able to follow the directions.

                Give us a call to find out how much these programs will cost. The prices have been going down on these programs since they were new, and the technology is getting better. You can even track your subcontractor’s hours and have subcontractors sign into worksites through the electronic program. There is not much these programs can’t do anymore, they can keep track of your equipment’s hours and tell you when it’s time for servicing.

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Safety Program Maintenance

Managing health and safety programs is not an easy thing to do. Every owner has their own idea of what they want to include in the health and safety program and course money is always a consideration when implementing different steps in different programs. Often, we manage programs using electronic methods such as safety-sync or a program called site docs. This allows us to see which workers are filling out the forms in your safety program in which workers have not yet bought into the program.

                There are many reasons why workers don’t immediately buy into health and safety programs. Sometimes they don’t understand the electronic devices that are used to upload the documentation. Sometimes they feel the programs being shoved down their throat and no one asked their opinion on how it should be done. Regardless of the workers reasons we find that education usually works well to get those last few to buy into the program.

                We take our work very seriously and when we agreed to manager program, we manage the program so the owner is never breaking any Occupational Health & Safety rules or regulations. Often, we will go out to site for the day and educate workers on doing their tasks within the guidelines and parameters of the Occupational Health & Safety code. For more information on how much it would cost you for our services just fill out the handy contact form explaining how many workers you have and what are the general locations of your worksites. Often you can hire us for less money than I would cost you to get a full-time worker working for you to look after health and safety. This is not always the case but generally when you only have four or five staff there is not enough work for a full-time person to do in the safety. Combine that with the fact that they probably don’t know how to do health and safety and you will have to train them to meet the requirements of your certifying partner and that makes us a good choice for your first call. If in doubt we can agree on a price for one month and I can show you what we can do for you and if you are not convinced this is right for you  will only pay the one monthly fee and we will be on our way

Developing Modified Work Programs

A modified work program is an essential part of a business in this modern-day era. Basically, WCB charges your company back for any injury’s accidents, or illnesses that your company has throughout the year. Back in the day, the common practice was to send the worker home if they were hurt and bring them back when they’re ready to go back to work. Unfortunately, the way WCB calculates things this year you probably won’t have any work to go back to as the company.

                Let me explain what I’m talking about here, there is a calculation called the injury frequency rate and this is calculated based on how many man-hours are lost due to injury. If you own a small company of say 10 workers for easy calculation and one of them gets hurt for six months your injury frequency rate is going to be between 5 and 10%. If you are on ISN they start red-flagging companies at 4.5% for an injury frequency rate. So if you are on ISN and had a worker that was off for six months due to injury you would not be green on ISN to work anywhere until you got that number under control. Unfortunately, WCB does their calculations averaging over three years so it will take you at least two years of clean operations before that rate will drop down and you will be able to work. Now once an injury has happened and the worker is on compensation there is not much you can do to fix the rates, however, if you have a modified work program and the worker is only off for approximately one to two weeks and then is brought back to work under modified work then you will be able to get those high numbers back under control.

                You say of course wait a minute what am I paying workers comp for exactly if they aren’t going to take care of injured workers and why would I be penalized for reporting things and using a system that’s meant to help injured workers. While I agree with you 100% on all of this it does not help you find work when your injury frequency rate is 8 to 10%. What we do is manage claims to make sure that when a worker is available to go back to work that they in fact get off of Worker’s Comp. and take modified work out and keep the claims to a minimum.

                Quite often when a worker gets hurt at a large construction site for example there may be more than your Worker’s Comp. at stake here. For example, if she is writing with another crew of a different company and is involved in a traffic accident and is injured you can ask WCB to pass on a percentage of the value of the claim to the other company since they were  50% at fault. Also, you can ask for a break on what they charge you if a worker is re-injured and was instructed by their staff that he could do modified work. There are also other things that will get you a break or cost relief on a worker’s claim so you can keep your claims history as low as possible.

                WCB is like anybody else, they look after their interests and their responsibilities which include injured workers before they worry about how it’s going to affect your company in the future. Having said that I believe it is your responsibility to make sure that you are looking after your company and not being hosed in certain circumstances by others in the claims department. On average it costs about $1000 for us to manage a claim throughout its entirety unless there are questions and it’s going through the appeal process. $1000 is less than that worker will receive for one month on WCB so I believe it’s well worth your interest to make sure somebody is watching out on your behalf.

                What happens if I don’t have any claims you say? That is excellent you won’t have to pay us any money for this year but don’t worry we are always there in the background in case you need us. We simply sign an agreement stating how much per case we will charge you and what we will do on your behalf and you don’t worry about it until you have that unfortunate claim and then we take over and make sure that everything is being done properly to minimize the cost of the claim for you. We work for you, not WCB, and not for the worker. Our interest lies in getting you the cheapest cost on your claim that can be done under the circumstances of the claim. Small companies benefit the most from our expertise since the claim would affect them far more than a large company.  

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Managing Health & Safety Programs

When you have a small company it is often very expensive to have a person that just looks after safety. In most cases safety can be done on a once a week basis or even fewer intervals at times of the year when companies are slow. We charge you a day rate and only work when we are needed. In most cases this will be $1,500.00 per month or even less during slow times.

Our experts are also very efficient, so you aren’t paying people to learn stuff at your expense and then quit and get another job that pays more. You are billed once per month for the days that were worked. There are no minimum charges for anything. If you have us build your program, we will give you a 10 percent discount for maintenance for the first year.

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Preparing for a Cor Audit

Here are the recommended steps that you would take in preparing for your annual cor audit. The first thing you should do is go through all the audit questions and make rough notes as to how you comply to the question and where you would find the documentation for it. Don’t lie to yourself if you’re not compliant with the section then fix it and don’t try to cover it up or blame someone else just fix it.

                The first issue that you will find in any company of any size is someone trying to take credit for someone else’s work or vice versa. Safety is a no blame game as you don’t accomplish anything when a group of grown men or women point the finger at each other and argue. Just find the facts and find the best way to solve the problem at hand.

                Go through all the documentation questions first as the answers are in the filing cabinet in your office and are quite easy to find. Keep in mind that if you don’t have documentation of something happening that the question is already answered and there is no need to go asking the workers if they are doing something when that something isn’t even in your program.

                Once the documentation section of the audit stun interview workers and get their answers for the interview section of the program. Try to do this at coffee or at a time when the workers aren’t concentrating on their tasks at hand and you will get more cooperation that way. If the workers don’t know the answer, then educate them as to the correct answer and where they may find the documentation referred to in the question. This will serve two purposes for you in the long run. Workers will be educated and know where to find the material in question so when they get asked on the audit, they will know the correct answer and where the documentation is.

                This is also quite helpful to do it a general health and safety meeting about two months before your audit is due. Educating the workers on where to find material for the safety program is never a bad thing to do. I have seen workers who have been in a company for several years and didn’t even know where the first-aid kit was because they never got hurt.

                Once completed all the questionnaires for the audit you should do your field tour and observe the various things the audit refers to for this section. Be a little harder on yourself than the auditor would be, and you will never put yourself in a position where you may fail an audit because the auditor is strict. Now develop an action plan to get all the small things corrected in the audit before the audit due date. Speak to your supervisor and tell him what you need people to do and let him take care of the arrangements.

                Once this process is completed and all the corrections have been implemented do another quick mock audit to make sure that you are on the road to a successful audit. Follow the steps and your audit should be successful on the boss will be pleased.

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Managing Health & Safety Programs

We have certified safety personnel waiting to go to work for you. If you have a project and don’t have enough support staff as far as safety goes, then we have the answer for you. We will send our staff and they will do the safety end of the project for you. Whether it is a huge project and you need 20 safety people or a small project where our people will drop out once a week for a weekly safety meeting, we have the staff for your job.

We offer a money back guarantee in all of our products and services. If you are not happy for any reason, contact us and we will make it right.

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