Health & Safety Consulting Services

Most people know we build COR and SE-COR Health & Safety programs, but we do so much more than that. We offer Health & Safety Program Consulting to companies and help them develop processes for their safety programs. We also help companies achieve their ISO certification.

In this case, we sync their safety program with the requirements of the ISO requirements to illuminate duplication of services. For example, in ISO you have job descriptions and duties for each position. You have the same thing in a normal safety program.

We also do incident investigations, site specific orientations and individual job hazard analysis on an individual basis. In other words, if you have added new equipment and do a new service in your business, it needs to be reflected in your job inventory and it should have its procedure and risk assessment.

electronic program

New Electronic Safety Program

Forms you can fill out from a phone and have access to those forms anywhere.

Just set up forms that workers are supposed to use and watch them come in as they fill them out. This comes with real-time tracking and GPS so you can even see where they filled out the form.

Managing health & safety programs

Managing Health & Safety Programs

When you have a small company it is often very expensive to have a person that just looks after safety. In most cases safety can be done on a once a week basis or even fewer intervals at times of the year when companies are slow. We charge you a day rate and only work when we are needed. In most cases this will be $1,500.00 per month or even less during slow times.

Our experts are also very efficient, so you aren’t paying people to learn stuff at your expense and then quit and get another job that pays more. You are billed once per month for the days that were worked. There are no minimum charges for anything. If you have us build your program, we will give you a 10 percent discount for maintenance for the first year.

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Managing health & safety programs

Health & Safety Program Audits

We often do external audits for all different types of safety programs; we have consultants that are certified in each and every field. If you are planning for an audit, we can help there. We have the support staff to do a mock audit and fix all corrections before you spend money on an official audit and then fail because of some small technicality out in the field somewhere.

We even conduct safety meetings with your staff and go over the audit questions, so everybody is on the same page when audit happens. Whether your certifying partner is Enform or you use Alberta Motor Transport Association, we have the people to help you.

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Managing health & safety programs

Managing Health & Safety Programs

We have certified safety personnel waiting to go to work for you. If you have a project and don’t have enough support staff as far as safety goes, then we have the answer for you. We will send our staff and they will do the safety end of the project for you. Whether it is a huge project and you need 20 safety people or a small project where our people will drop out once a week for a weekly safety meeting, we have the staff for your job.

We offer a money back guarantee in all of our products and services. If you are not happy for any reason, contact us and we will make it right.

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