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Mining and Forestry

These industries have some of the most dangerous work in Canada. Let us put together a safety program that addresses those jobs. We do safety programs for tree falling, mining, confined space entry, fall protection, and most of the jobs with specific hazards.

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Construction Safety

This industry has literally built B.C. Whatever type of work you do, we have you covered. Whether it is homes or office buildings, we can build a program for your business. Get your certification fast, so you miss opportunites.

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Oil and Gas Industry

Whatever type of work you do in the oil patch, we have you covered. Whether it is a service rig or a fluid hauler, we can build a program for your business. We can get you a temporary letter of certification fast, so you can start the work fast.

Get British Columbia safety certified.

Do you need help putting together your policies and programs?

Need COR Certification?

Setting your company up with a COR is a comprehensive process which begins with setting up a health and safety management program. We can make this process simple and easy for you.

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safety solutions

WCB Claims Management

We can review your WCB History, Industry Classification, and Experience Ratio and make a plan to manage WCB costs. We can help you control the return to work process and reduce employer compensation costs.

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Set Up My Safety Program

We can assist your organization in designing, implementing and auditing your health and safety management system. Start with our professional safety consultant to develop a customized safety manual for your business.

Managing your Safety Program

We set up your safety program for you and then we act as your safety Manager or Safety Coordinator. We manage paperwork and supporting documentation so you are always ready for whatever happens next. We prepare you for all of your audits and train any person you want to support the safety role in your company. Often we monitor your program online and reach out to workers who are not doing the paperwork properly to teach them the proper way. This allows you to manage regular operations and not have to worry about the safety side at all. Our prices start at $1000.00 per month for small companies. You can’t even hire a parttime person to work for that kind of money. Just click on the button below for a free quote on what we can do for you today.

COR Safety Programs & Certifcation
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