Being the Health and Safety Coordinator for a busy Heating and Refrigeration company definitely comes with some challenges.  Pro-West Refrigeration is diversified and works on commercial, residential and heavy duty applications. This means the job scope can vary significantly from one job site to another. Some of the common hazards that come up with almost every job include driving conditions, moving parts, pinch points, and working with gasses such as refrigerant gas a.  Some of the hazards that may vary depending on the job site are some things like working at heights, sour gas, weather, confined spaces and many more.  Depending on where work is being completed and what work is being done things can change significantly. Keeping everyone safe can be challenging but with proper education through safety meetings and inspections along with other measures such as policies and procedures, training and so on we can all work together towards a safe work place.

Thank you for your guest post, Danick Thibault.

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