We help Canadian businesses develop their safety programs and achieve their ISO certification.

Health & Safety Programs for Your Company in Canada

Safety Audits

Do you need to do a mock audit? Why not fix all corrections before you spend money on an official audit. Don’t risk failing because of some small technicality out in the field somewhere.

Safety pre-audit

Managing Safety

Can’t afford a dedicated safety person? Why not hire an efficient safety expert at a daily rate to work only when needed? In most cases only weekly intervals are needed.

Safety manager

COR & SECOR Programs

Does your business need a COR or SECOR program? Or do you need advice on starting one? We save you money by giving advice based on your needs. We have over 15 years experience.

Guaranteed SE-COR


We set up and maintain ISN and Complyworks programs for you. Whatever RAVs you need submitted or updated, we can set them up quickly and maintain them on your behalf.

ISN and Complyworks Services

About CORtek Safety

Cortek Safety Is a full-service safety company that offers a very wide range of services across Canada.

cortek logo

Whether you have a project, you would like managed by a professional NCSO, or whether you just need something small like a code of practice developed for your company, we have the solutions for you. Our programs are priced competitively and we pride ourselves in only putting into the manuals what you really need.

We don’t pump up sales by getting you to buy something you don’t need. We will sell you what you need and nothing more. The advice we give you as a customer is the same thing we would do for our own business.

CORTek Safety has taken care of Questar Geomatics Inc.’s safety needs for the last two years, got our COR back up and running and have been maintaining our safety program since. We are extremely pleased with their service and attention to detail.  CORTek is always there when we need them.
Dave Dillman

dave@questargeo.com, Questar Geomatics Inc.

Electronic Safety Program

Eliminate your safety paperwork with this amazing safety management software system. Easily convert your paper forms to digital, upload all your safety documents (Safety Manual, Toolbox Talks, MSDS, etc.), track worker certifications and monitor safety in real time!

Make your safety program more efficient, effective, and significantly enhanced.

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