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About CORtek Safety

Cortek Safety Is a full-service safety company that offers a very wide range of services across Canada.

Whether you have a project, you would like managed by a professional NCSO, or whether you just need something small like a code of practice developed for your company, we have the solutions for you. Our programs are priced competitively and we pride ourselves in only putting into the manuals what you really need.

We don’t pump up sales by getting you to buy something you don’t need. We will sell you what you need and nothing more. The advice we give you as a customer is the same thing we would do for our own business.

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Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is a fairly simple one, we believe in old-fashioned values and building and earning one’s trust rather than expecting it. Any job worth doing is worth doing right and this message is conveyed throughout all of our staff.

                Every customer we work for we strive to make them a lifetime customer and treat them like a member of the family. All of our advice we give is based on what is best for the individual customer and not the needs of our company. I have seen too many times where a salesman tells somebody they need something when nothing could be further from the truth. When you deal with cortex safety you have my word that all conversations will be aboveboard, and any advice dispatched will be advice that is best for you and nobody else. Our business goals are to grow with our clients but always keep our core values directly in front of us as a compass or guide.

                Let us serve you with honesty and integrity and work with you along your path to safety and prosperity.

Blake Cowan

CEO Cortek Safety Solutions

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Get a Green on ISN Without a Cor Program

in some cases yes depending on the owner client that is hiring you. Some companies like Penwest deduct 100 points if you are not cor or seek or certified.most companies only deduct between five and 10 points for not having a core certification. This means you could achieve a green light without the certification.

How Much Does it Cost to Build a Safety Program

The fees for the certifying partners range from $400 to approximately $1000 if you are a larger company getting a Cor. Our fees are listed in the pricing guide in which I will provide a link you can go to from here.

If I Bought a Program From You How Long Would it Take to Get it up and Running

For the smaller programs like Secor we generally have the manuals completed within 7 working days. For larger programs that have 100 or more workers, it can take up to 3 weeks before the manual is ready for printing. You will start to see immediate results, policies being implemented, practices and procedures shared with the workers

What if I Don't Need Someone to Design a Whole Program but Need Help in Certain Parts

We will offer you as much help or as little help as you possibly need. If you only need a consultant for three or four hours then that’s all we will recommend and that’s all we will charge you.

How Long Does it Take to get a Cor or Se-cor Safety Program

It takes 3 Months in Alberta for most certifying partners. It takes 6 months in British Columbia with all of their certifying partners. It takes one year of documentation for municipalities like towns or cities to get certification

Does it matter which Certifying Partner I Use.

Some certifying partners are very specific in their nature so you would not use them unless you perform the tasks they have in their program. But generally, you are allowed in Alberta to choose your certifying partner as you see fit. All Cor and Se-cor certificates are issued from the same place. [Work safe Alberta]. In British Columbia however, work safe BC gives you the certifying partner and that is it you don’t get a choice there

Do You Offer any Payment Plans for Some of the Larger Programs

all of our programs come with some sort of payment plan. Core programs start with the deposit and regularly scheduled payments are made as completion of the program happens. You pay as we meet milestones in your program. Usually, payments are broken into four steps and the final step is after the audit for certification

Establishing Safety Programs in Multiple Provinces

Establishing Safety Programs in Multiple Provinces

Prior to you relocate to an additional district you must look into the various licensing companions in that district as well as select one that is extremely comparable to your preliminary security program. The building of organizations throughout Canada have actually...

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